Review: Coach Alba

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Coach AlbaAnyone who knows me or who has read My Story knows I’ve had issues with weight loss.  Not only that, I’m also what I consider a “stress eater”, meaning when I get stressed out, I go for the worst food items you can imagine.  Chocolate?  Sure.  Ice cream?  Absolutely.  Taco Bell?  …I don’t wanna talk about it. 

Coach Alba has a way to help you avoid this.  It’s a program that sends you text messages during “crucial moments” you set up when you know you’re likely to need support.  Whether you’re trying to lose weight, exercise more, quit smoking… Coach Alba can help you out.  Here’s how it works…

DisclaimerWhen you sign up, you set up crucial moments, or CM, and times you think you might need a boost, along with a strategy to help get you going and reaching your goal.  You can also choose if you want to “master” (which sends you frequent text messages) or “maintain” (which only sends you reminder text messages, less frequently) your CM.  

Coach Alba ReviewI set one of mine for “I don’t feel like exercising” at 9am.  Quite frankly, I’m not a morning person.  I work second shift and don’t go into work until noon, so I usually don’t get out of bed until 10am, and even that’s somewhat early for me.  Lately, I’ve been trying to get up earlier to go on a morning walk, eat breakfast, get my social media on and wake up at my own pace.  Coach Alba sends me a text message half an hour before my CM, reminding me to listen to a song that pumps me up (my strategy; music gets me going every time) so I can reach my goal.  An hour after my CM has passed, it sends me another text message asking me to rate how it went, 1= disaster to 7=perfection.  Your ratings are recorded and they send you a short word of encouragement based off that rating.  Every now and again, the program will send you a text with even more encouraging words, just because, which I found oddly comforting.  

I renamed mine to Coach Jeff Porter in my phone and added a picture of a very nice looking, shirtless Marine.  Who better to inspire and get you out of bed on a lazy morning than a text message from a hot guy?!

You can even set up more than one crucial moment, too.  Sometimes, as I’m sure we all do, my job stresses me out more than it should.  It’s normally during our busiest time when I just need a break and Coach Alba is there to tell me to take a walk around the building for ten minutes to relax a little.  Sometimes I get so caught up in my work, I need that reminder there.   

One of the nice things about this program is they do have an actual helpdesk you can text if you have any questions and it will let you talk to a real person (if you get Sam, he’s super nice!).  

So here’s the part you’re wondering about, I’m sure… how much is it?  While it’s not free, it’s extremely inexpensive.  At a whopping $29.95 a YEAR, it’s totally worth it.  I’ve not run into a program like this before and I was pretty pleased with how it worked and what it does. 

Give it a shot, I’m sure it will help you get through some of your own “crucial moments”! 

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