My first 5k!

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Saying that my weekend was eventful might be an understatement! I did The Glo Run, my birthday was Sunday, cleaned up my garden… it was super busy! I feel like the 5k was somewhat life changing because it made me realize a lot, but first, let me tell you about it.

So Saturday was The Glo Run 5k in Louisville. I didn’t actually run it though for a couple reasons. Mostly because I didn’t train and I kind of wanted to get an idea of how the events usually work. But also because it was at night and it was basically a big party! However, my friend Aaron and I walked more than five kilometers that day.

We met up at my house and drove downtown for dinner first; veggie sushi! I had the bright idea that since we were eating so close to the event and parking was probably going to be a disaster, we should just walk there from the restaurant instead.  After we ate, we got all of our goodies out of the car (I brought a couple extra glow sticks!) and started our walk up to Waterfront Park.  This was the first mile and a half. Once we got there, registration had started, so we got our shirts, glow sticks and our bib numbers. Registration started an hour and a half before the race started and there wasn’t much of a line, so we had quite a bit of time to kill.  

Big Four Bridge

Recently in Louisville, we’ve had a new addition downtown open up called the Big Four Bridge.  It’s an old railroad crossing over the Ohio River connecting Louisville, KY to Jeffersonville, IN open to pedestrians and cyclists. The path going from one side to the other is just under half a mile so the full walk is right at .95 miles.  However, while that might seem easy, the uphill incline getting TO the bridge is a little more difficult.  By the time we were walking back to Louisville, I realized my shins and feet were starting to get store.  This is where I realized, if I’m going to do as much walking/running as I’m planning to this summer, I should probably update the shoes I’ve been wearing for the last three or four years.  

By the time we got back to the park, we were already at 2.46 miles, according to my pedometer and I was already sore!.  But my adrenaline kicked in and we had enough time to get a little water, sit down for a few minutes and crack our glow sticks!  They called everyone to get in line and they had everyone start in large groups.  After about 15 minutes, we got past the starting line and we were off!  

The Glo Run

It was so cool!  It was pretty dark, everyone was glowing, some more than others, dressed up in tutus, neon shirts and tons of glow gear.  There were a few places on the path where there were “mini parties” of music, blacklights, bubbles and smoke, people driving past on the street were honking and cheering us on… everyone was super supportive, whether you were walking or running.  

By the time we were halfway through, however, my adrenaline had worn down significantly and I was really questioning if I was going to make it.  I was burning up, incredibly thirsty (we stopped at about three water fountains in the first half, but it just wasn’t enough) and my feet and legs felt like they were going through the worst kind of abuse.  Luckily, around this time there was a water stop.  I grabbed two cups, chugged them, and I decided I was going to push through the pain and make it through.  I just KNEW I would be so disappointed in myself if I wimped out and quit in the middle.  Aaron stayed with me the whole time and listened to me whine, though I tried not to as much as I could.  He’s in much better shape than I am so this was a cakewalk for him!  

By the time we got to the last kilometer, I was so happy it was almost over and I had made it.  Then I remembered there was still a mile and a half to the car.  Ha!  Talk about having your dreams shattered!  

The Glo RunWe crossed the finish line and my first stop was water.  We sat down, drank up and stretched out a little bit.  Looking at the clock and the pedometer, it was right around 10:45pm and at 5.67 miles.  I had never walked this much in such a short period of time and I was so proud of myself!  Aaron quickly reminded me that my birthday was in just over an hour so we made it our goal to get back to the car and to one of my favorite bars before midnight for a drink and a small bite to eat.  I took advantage of every stop at a crosswalk to stretch and counted down the blocks to the car.  By the time we made it to the car, we had reached just under 7 miles in 3.5 hours.  Mind you, I didn’t pause the pedometer while we rested and had breaks, so I don’t know our actual speed while walking, all I know is 7 miles is a new record for me!

We made it to the bar, had a drink and a bite to eat but by the time we had been sitting for a few minutes, we were both exhausted and ready to go home.  We drove back to my house, said our goodbyes (until the next day for karaoke, at least) and I don’t think I was awake another ten minutes before I passed out.  

I woke up early simply because my legs and feet were so sore.  I hated this, just because it was my birthday and I wanted to sleep in!  After napping off and on for another hour, I gave up and just got out of bed.  I don’t think I would have made it through the day if it wasn’t for Ibuprofen and soaking the bottom half of my body in the hottest water my water heater could muster!

So, two things I learned here.  One, I need new shoes.  Two, I did so much more than just walk a 5k.  I pushed myself way past my limits and I LOVED it!  I didn’t realize how great I would feel after it was all over and I’m so incredibly glad I did it.  I almost can’t wait to do it again! 

BUT… new shoes first.  

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