Infused Waters

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For the last… well, let’s just say as long as I can functionally remember, I have been EXTREMELY picky about water.  I hate tap water and I could name off every brand I hated and loved.  Of course, most of the water I could tolerate was always the more expensive brands; Smart Water, Fiji, Evian.  It wasn’t until a couple years ago that I really started to push myself to start drinking more water than diet sodas, teas and juices.  I hate thinking about how many years I spent drinking Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Mt. Dew, unsweet iced tea with a thousand Splenda packets, juice with only 10% actual juice from a fruit in it.  

Mind you, this was mostly because I’m not a huge fluids consumer anyway.  I’m hardly ever thirsty and I’ve always been a firm believer that you shouldn’t force yourself to drink if you aren’t thirsty.  Our bodies are smart enough to know when we’re dehydrated and send us signals to tell us to drink.  It used to be every day before work, I would stop at the neighborhood gas station and get a 32oz Polar Pop of some sort of diet drink but… I would never finish it.  There was always at least a third of the cup left by the time I left work, and that’s even through lunch.  I’ve just never been one to consume a lot of fluids. 

Slowly but surely I’m changing my ways.  I drink a diet soda maybe a couple times a month, a LOT less tea, and am extremely picky about the juice I buy; if you include “natural flavor” or more than two ingredients that aren’t a fruit or a vegetable, you aren’t getting purchased.  I’ve come to find a love for coconut water as well as some less expensive brands of bottled water, but let’s face it… water gets boring after a while.  So why not spruce it up a bit?  Here’s a couple things I tried…

  • Cucumber, lemon and mint
  • Strawberry and mint
  • Orange and lemon
  • Strawberry and lemon

Really, the possibilities are endless.  And it’s simple… take a bottle of water, shove a couple piece of each item and let it work it’s magic in the fridge for about an hour.  You can also get a gallon jug or some kind of dispenser to keep in your fridge.  It will keep and still tastes good for about two days, but past that, it just doesn’t taste as fresh.  \

Not only has this helped me drink more water, but it keeps me from spending so much money on the more expensive stuff every day.  My water will never be the same…

infused Water

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