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Cucumber Tomato Salad

Well, I got my wish.  It stopped raining and it’s officially SUMMER!  So that means cookouts, pool time and… cucumbers?   I know, I’m weird, we’ve established this.  I think I’ve been conditioned since a teenager to relate cucumber with summer thanks to Bath ...Read More

Dairy Free, No Churn Honey Cardamom Ice Cream

I had every intention of posting a video with this recipe.  I recorded the making of it, put the ice cream in the freezer.  Then took it to a family event a few days later.  Without recording what happened after it finally froze. Oops. ...Read More

Coconut Condensed Milk

Ingredients: 1 can of coconut cream 1/2 cup of sugar In a medium saucepan, heat coconut cream and sugar over medium heat until it comes to a low boil.  Let simmer for an hour to an hour and a half or until reduced by ...Read More

Dairy-Free Cereal Cheesecake!

It’s my birthday week and I’ll eat what I want to, damnit. So I made cheesecake.  It’s really good.  Like, holy shit, I shouldn’t keep this in my house, good. I originally had zero intention of making this dairy-free, because all the dairy free ...Read More

Coconut Cream Cheese…?

I experiment with recipes a LOT.  As you’ll start to see in some of my videos, I legitimately have no clue what I’m doing when I’m making up recipes.  Sure, I have experience cooking for the last 20+ years, but nothing professional.  I’ve never had ...Read More

Homemade Vegetable Broth

In my recent obsession of reading ingredient lists, I feel like some of the simplest things in grocery stores are made unnecessarily complicated.  Ingredients that have no business in majority of the foods we eat are in them for reasons that end up benefiting ...Read More

Easy 4 Ingredient Peanut Butter Granola Bars

Hey ya’ll!  Miss me?  Yes, yes, I know I’ve been MIA for a while… hopefully ya’ll have caught the good news and checked out my awesome, fantastical YOUTUBE CHANNEL!  Yes, that’s right kids, if you haven’t, you’re missing out!  It’s gonna be full of ...Read More

Best Damn Guac Ever

Yes, I know, you’re shaking your head and rolling your eyes at me saying, “Becca, WHY are you so obsessed with Mexican food?!”.  I know.  I get it.  Trust me, I’m trying to branch out.  But sometimes, there are some things a person makes ...Read More