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Summer is the time for change and EVENTS!

Okay kids, here’s my fun event for the summer! Okay, it’s probably going to be more eventful for me, though I’m not entirely sure how “fun” it may be. As some of you may know, water and I have a bit of a love/hate ...Read More

My Why

I’m going to go on a small little rant here to prefix my little rant of a video below.  A lot has happened in my life over the last year and I feel like sometimes you just have to tell your story because you ...Read More

Infused Waters

For the last… well, let’s just say as long as I can functionally remember, I have been EXTREMELY picky about water.  I hate tap water and I could name off every brand I hated and loved.  Of course, most of the water I could ...Read More

My first 5k!

Saying that my weekend was eventful might be an understatement! I did The Glo Run, my birthday was Sunday, cleaned up my garden… it was super busy! I feel like the 5k was somewhat life changing because it made me realize a lot, but ...Read More